Confessions of a slow walking pavement hog.



Man, it’s a jungle out there. Streets are mean. Mean streets, yeah. That’s right, there’s yet another urban intimidation stressing me out. This time it’s people asking for money or handing out leaflets. It scares me primarily because it involves human beings attempting to interact with me, which is a concept I’ve always been uncomfortable… Continue reading Stress


A (Sun)day in the life of a Blatant Doom Trip blogmaster: 4:32pm: Wake up. 4:33pm: Check internet. 6:49pm: Get out of bed. 6:50pm: Eat a Aero bar. 7:03pm: Peer through curtains at smiling, laughing twenty-somethings outside having fun with their friends. 7:23pm: Post in console accessories sales figures thread on video game forum. 9:45pm: No… Continue reading Today


I despise the entire human race for many, many reasons, but pretty near the top of my list is their revolting, disgusting tendency to make noises. Your average humanoid sees no problem with snoring on the train at about the same volume as a nuclear explosion, doing a great impression of a Boeing jet engine… Continue reading Noises