A head made of radio.



Blatant Doom Trip recently sat down with Colin Meloy, frontman of chart topping ‘alternative’ act the Decemberists, to chat music, politics, and being a prick. Blatant Doom Trip: Hey Colin, how’s it going? Colin Meloy: In Aix-en-Provence┬áthere’s canasta beneath the yardam of the brigider ship fleet while pre-war cantinas toast Edith Piaf. Blatant Doom Trip:… Continue reading Meloy


In today’s blog post I seek to examine what has made various examples of iconic album artwork so enduring and significant.   MC Pooh – Funky As I Wanna Be The MC Pooh story is truly a modern day rags-to-riches tale. From his poverty-stricken background as a struggling Bedford-based gynaecologist, to last year’s sell out… Continue reading Covers


Following Eminem’s shameless flogging of horrible American cars during the Superbowl ad break, my mind quickly wandered to considering the kind of vehicles other rappers would be all too happy to endorse in exchange for truckloads of cash.   Proton Juara (Wu-Tang Clan) This commercial will make heavy play of the Juara’s spacious interior, with… Continue reading Cars