An exclusive extract from the latest Halo novel.



Longtime blog readers will be well aware of my towering reputation as both a poet and romantic novelist, but ‘Modern Man – Origins: Awakening’, the first in a planned trilogy of books centred around protagonist Bernard Dicks’ very 21st century struggles, is my d├ębut venture into the realm of the postmodern novel. Happily, it has… Continue reading Novel

Romance II

Previously on Labour’s Rose: Tony Blair defeats Conservative leader Michael Howard in an intense debate over the construction of a new multi storey car park in Bognor Regis. A ‘cabinet meeting’ between Tony and Gordon Brown quickly gets hot and heavy in a 10 Downing Street bedroom. Tony and Cherie’s marriage hits the rocks when… Continue reading Romance II


Perhaps the most respected commentator on the contemporary ‘streetz beatz’ poetry scene, Adolf Cornham-Carr, junior professor of Tracy Beaker Studies at Su Doku Academy (formerly Scunthorpe Polytechnic), has for many years stirred up ferocious academic debate with his controversial views on the state of modern prose. It is therefore a great honour to be able… Continue reading Poetry